What level are you?

Foundations 1 and 2

This class takes you through the foundations of the dance. It’s suitable for all newcomers to the dance style but also anyone who needs a refresher on their basics. The BVD Beginners syllabus contains several crucial lessons that are unavailable elsewhere, so we ask that all students with experience in other Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Rueda de Casino, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, or any other Cuban dance styles to come to a Beginners class on their first visit.
N.B. You’ll need a basic knowledge of Cuban Salsa to learn Salsa Rueda.

Beginners 1 to 4

Upon satisfactory completion of the Beginners level, your teachers will invite you to join this level. You’ll learn authentic foot and turn patterns plus more leading and following techniques. (To become a great dancer, you have to do the simple things well. You can then dance with anyone.)

Pre-intermediates (Beginners 5)

Once you’ve sufficiently completed the Beginners levels, your teachers may promote you to the Pre-intermediates level. You’ll then be able to take on moves with more complex foot and turn patterns.

Intermediates 1 to 5

After promotion to this class, the student must be able to handle fairly complex foot and turn patterns at a faster pace and execute the moves well. Almost all of the students at this level have been trained by BVD, but if you’re at an advanced level from other schools or overseas, you may be promoted to this level after assessment by our teachers during your first visit.

Advanced-Intermediates (by invitation)

At this level, the student must be able to handle complex foot and turn patterns at a fast pace and execute them very well. You must also recognise good timing and highlights in the music. You may now be invited by Artistic Director, Moro to join his Choreography team.

Choreography (by invitation)

You’ll have the opportunity to work with one of the best choreographers in Australia, “El Moro”. You’ll also be representing Buena Vista Dance at many events and festivals as well as state, national and international competitions.
(Please note that you’ll be learning how to perform, also stage presence, styling, formations, etc., and have the opportunity to become a champion.)

Beginners1 to 5
Pre – Intermediate1 to 5
Intermediate1 to 5
Advanced – Intermediate1 to 5
High Advanced1 to 5
Pro (Choreographies by invitation)1