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All Buena Vista Dance classes run in consecutive 4 week terms. Because our classes are taught progressively, students are required to join in the first week of term and commit to regular attendance. This saves new students from being overwhelmed and allows our regular students to fully enjoy their own classes.

Each term contains different material and all Beginners level terms are to be completed before students can progress to Intermediate level classes. Our highest level of Beginners can be similar to the Intermediate level at other schools. If you’re not sure which class is best for you, we run several different levels at the same time. Please arrive before a Beginners class on your first night and we’ll direct you to the perfect group for your skill level.

Levels are:

  • Foundations
  • Beginners 1 to 5
  • Intermediate 1 to 5
  • High Intermediate 1 to 5
  • Advanced 1 to 5
  • High Advanced 1 to 5
  • Pro Level

The term dates for all Buena Vista Dance classes can be found below. The next term always starts the week immediately following the previous term, and the timetable will remain the same unless announced otherwise. Please join our email newsletter and Facebook to ensure you are kept informed about any class changes.

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